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How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus

How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

You are probably sitting at home in order to stay safe from the coronavirus. You are sitting there with nothing to do, or you already did what all people do at home.

For instance, you are searching for more ideas to save you from your boredom. You call it like that but it is not. 

You have too many things to do at home during the coronavirus quarantine. This blog post will be reminding you of the things you can do at home. Some new ideas will pop into your mind while reading. So just sit there and enjoy.

All you have to do is time management to have plenty of time to do these stuff.

Beneficial Reading

read from home during coronavirus quarantine

Assign time for reading. If you do not know what type of reading you love, start exploring. You can use an application called “AnyBook”. It contains all types of books that would you like. Spending 5 to 15 minutes reading can be so entertaining and beneficial at the same time.

After reading, you can explore online sites where you can share what you read. Socializing online is a great way to spend your time at home during the coronavirus quarantine.

Studying and acquiring knowledge

How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine 1

If you are wondering how could you study with all universities and schools closed? Here is the answer!

Acquiring knowledge is something you do to yourself. First, write down what would you like to learn. For example, a new language, drawing. Then search for online classes with affordable prices. Another way is YouTube, it contains many learning videos and beneficial stuff to know about. 

You can study from home and share your knowledge with your family members.

Work for your future self

How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine 2

What do you want to be in the future? Ask this question to yourself and answer it. Here you have the first step, start working on it from home. Check Build your Future Self” for more help. You may surf the internet about the topic you want and stay up to date. 

Also acquire how to start your baby steps. It may be only a plan on a piece of paper or on your word document. Plan what do you want to be in the future from A to Z.

Of course, do not forget the time management. Set a specific time to plan each day at home during the coronavirus quarantine. When the coronavirus quarantine is over, you will find your work ready to begin with.

For instance, you may be planing for the future family you are hoping to have. Planning for the future is a huge medium. Many ideas can pop into your mind while spending time at home.

Spend time with your famiy

How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine 3

You do not often spend time with your family in normal days. So take an advantage for spending time at home during the coronavirus quarantine. 

Family is everything. Start knowing what do your siblings do in their free time, get to know them more. Due to the online services these days, we are not spending much time with our family. Make a time through the day for them and inform them about it. For example in the evening, gather up and play monopoly. 

Some of my friends on Facebook posted that she and her family are writing down 3 positive stuff they do in their life on a piece of paper. They make a circle and sit there sharing them to each other. In this way, they are inhabiting a way to stay positive all the time during their time at home in the coronavirus quarantine.

However, my family and I are making each day special. In the weekdays, we plan a Saturday fun night. We plan as if we are going out, no phones allowed, we may perform what we love to do. My sister shared a poem. I shared a dance. My mom shared memories and every member in our family shared something. 

Through weeks we’ve been doing so. Something new, we are collecting memories for later on. Try it, it is so entertaining. You can share what are you doing at home in the comments.

Start a healthy body plan

How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine 4

We all know that summer is coming soon! While you are spending time at home, start working on a great body for summer. Check online pages that would help you achieve your summer body during your time at home in the coronavirus quarantine.

Make time each day for working out, let’s say 1 hour or maybe less. It is up to you. Start your plan. The working out thing will also pop ideas for the next quarantine at home which is to “Cook a Healthy Meal”.

You can also work out with your siblings, believe me, I tried it, and is way much fun together. 

Cook a meal

How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine 5

You now have all the time you need to spend in the kitchen. We often visit the kitchen to grab a small snack or a small meal because we have too many plans outside the house.

Why don’t you try discovering your skills in the kitchen? While reading, read some healthy recipes you could use in the kitchen. Watch on YouTube a simple meal to cook. 

Cook it and enjoy eating the meal with your family. Try checking “Tasty” on Facebook. It really contains easy and healthy recipes.

You can start a competition between your siblings and yourself in cooking. Believe me, it is so fun than going together to a restaurant.

Find your self

find yourself when spending time at home during coronavirus quarantine

Before the coronavirus quarantine was announced, I am sure that you were too busy to look into yourself. You did not have time to do anything

Spend time at home during coronavirus quarantine by taking care of yourself, your mind, and your soul.

First, meditate. Meditation is an awesome way to clear your mind. Next, start writing in your journal. Writing can release all your energy in no time. Third, think. Think about everything and take your time, you don’t often have time to do so.

These are some ways to take care of yourself, other ways are mentioned in the next Quarantine point.

Pamper your self

How to Spend Time at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine 6

What do you think is the first point to pamper yourself? Well, that is true, take a very long bath. But do not get rid of all the water you have at home. Well, that is a joke you know.

Taking a long bath is so relaxing. After the bath, put on some refreshing creams. Put on a mask for your face, always take care of your skin. Listen to some comforting music. Just be with yourself. Do whatever you need to do to get relaxed.

Make it a relaxing day for yourself. Eat a very delicious meal. You don’t always have the time to pamper yourself.

Staying home during the coronavirus quarantine is the right time to pamper yourself.

Now you have too many new ideas to do while spending your time at home. You can share how are you spending your time through the comments, it will be so helpful for people who need ideas. I hope you enjoyed this post and acquired many new plans for your future days!

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