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Scan Your Life Details.

Stay Positive, Achieve Success, and Feel Happy.

Four essential steps every person should learn in order to stay positive, achieve success and feel happy. Positivism is based on the energy of your life. Therefore, success will appear because positive energy will lead to success. Hence, any person will have the feeling of being happy when these two are available.

To scan your life details is to view your life from another person’s point of view. Do not go and ask someone! Just be you but think differently. Think of the best version of you that you want to be in the future. How would I in the future solve a problem? How would I in the future behave? If you are afraid of the change and you’re wondering if you’ll be the same in the future, check out Build Your Future Self.

As I mentioned earlier in my representing post, that I enjoy every detail in my life, and I benefit from the positive side of the story. I do so in order to stay focused on my goal and feel happy. I scan every detail in every situation in my life. Even when having a problem, I always see the positive side of the story in order to solve it.

Scanning Life Details Kit:

However, to scan your life details is also to use your 2 senses which are ears, and eyes. Your ears are for listening to what’s happening and to focus while listening.

Your eyes are for viewing what’s happening around you and having a memory of the situation because nothing happens twice in your life. Just have a memory of the situation, you only live once. Enjoy everything to feel happy.

Of course, your mind is responsible for these two senses; your mind perceives the image of viewing and listening. So in this case, you must have a positive mind to scan the details in a healthy way.

To scan your life details is having the right kit to do so. This kit is training for your mind in order to have a positive and successful perception. It is also a way to feel happy daily.

See The Positive Side

Positive side

When you scan the details of any situation, just look at the positive side. If the situation is already a positive one, enjoy every detail of it. Remember always that you only live once so why miss this great opportunity for happiness.

On the other hand, imagine you are in the middle of a situation filled with negative vibes. Do not think about anything, just look into the eyes of the person who is distributing negative energy. And think about how much he/she is angry or sad. In this way you will know exactly how to react to the situation; you will feel with this person. You will know his/her reason for acting this way – negatively. 

When I do so, I feel that I am in the shoe of the sad or angry person in front of me. So simply, I know how to react. Either I’ll be silent in the angry situation, or I’ll try to reduce the sadness from the sad person. In the end, everyone has his/her own different way.

In this way, you just acted in a positive way in a situation. Later on, every one of you will have his/her space to think clearly about what had just happened.

Be Grateful

grace gratitude

Have gratitude. This phrase refers to the recent point, which is “See the Positive Side”. You have to appreciate the things you are going through. Appreciation is a symbol of a happy, positive, and successful person.

A way to practice having gratitude is to write or repeat 3 things at least you thank god for having daily. This way will help you focus on the positive details in your life.

It is essential to be grateful when you think you are having a bad day. Think about what you have in the present time, and do not think about what you don’t have. For example, think about the beauty of your eyes, or about having a shoe to wear. Usually, we focus on big details and we are blind to small details.

It is all about mind perception. In this way, day by day, you will get rid of your negative energy. Positivism always wins.

Moreover, writing things you are grateful for having on a piece of paper helps you to build positive thinking. You will notice the happiness boost. When this happens, you will have positive ideas for completing your journey of success.

In other words, be grateful for those small details you go through in your daily life.

Smile to details

smiley face

Smiling to details is the best way to keep boosting positive vibes.

When you go into a store, you realize that you always tend to ask the person with a smiley face for help. Maybe not so smiley, but he/she has a relaxed facial expression. Hence, smiling is a symbol that represents positivism.

Anyone could have a bad day, but mood swifts are only moments. So why let your moods have a negative shift if it’s just a moment?

A smile could delete your bad mood so easily, and you’ll start living another moment. If you notice, happy moments last more than bad ones. A smile is also a symbol of happiness.

When you smile at everything even in negative situations, unconsciously, you are turning this situation into a positive one. You won’t give the negative details any of your attention anymore. This way will help you clear your mind in order to think straight. It will ease the feeling of aggressiveness and sadness that are supposed to be any negative situation.

According to this article, smiling also reduces the levels of stress. Always remember to smile at the details of your life. Smile to the smile of a small innocent girl. Smile at your sister’s shouting at you. Smile at everything because these moments won’t happen again.

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