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Pregnancy Trimesters Explained: 101 Tips for Beginners to Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy

The Pregnancy Trimesters Explained Here!

pregnancy trimesters

The pregnancy trimesters are 9 months, if you’re a newly pregnant woman or want to get pregnant, this article is the best to help you out during this journey. Pregnancy is a long, beautiful, and tough phase every woman passes through. You will obtain a healthy and almost pain-free pregnancy with the suitable kit. Continue reading till the end to find out about the 4th trimester!

Pregnancy Trimesters: Number One - The Symptoms

Many women find out that they are pregnant on the 4th or 5th week of pregnancy. One month and the serious symptoms occur, before that, you may notice the following:

1) Missed Period

Even if it’s one day late, you have to make a pregnancy test to know whether you are pregnant or not. Especially when you’re sure that penetration happened. A missed period is a 100% accurate symptom for knowing that you began with your first pregnancy trimesters.

2) PMS Overload

As your body starts developing new hormones, your PMS will become obvious and hard to control. You and others will notice your mood swings very easily. Personally, I was getting mad and sad for no reason and had a fight with my husband for no reason too. That is when I asked my friend to get me a pregnancy test because what happened that day was not normal, it’s not our nature to have fights.

It was a fun fight though lol.

3) Sleepy and Tired

Again, with the hormones and the growing fetus inside your uterus, you will feel tired and sleepy. I remember sleeping all day some days. Do not fight it, your body needs to rest in this phase to let the fetus and placenta grow. 

This is the best phase, so enjoy the sleep and resting part because you will miss them later in your late pregnancy trimesters.

4) Peeing Frequently

Peeing in the first pregnancy trimesters is also a common symptom. These symptoms are very similar to when your period is coming. You will start peeing every half an hour or less, even when you drink a sip of water.

pregnancy trimesters

After discovering or doubting the symptoms, bring this test and do it. 

How Does The Pregnancy Test Work?

  1. In the early morning before drinking water, take a few droplets of your morning pee and drop them inside this small circle carefully without spilling them all over the test.
  2. Put the test on a flat surface and wait 10 minutes. You will then feel like it is taking forever, but be patient! Sometimes it may take less than 10 minutes, all you have to do is wait.
  3. The result will show on this small screen I may call it. Two dashes mean that you are pregnant, a positive result. One dash means a negative result, and you are not pregnant. If no dashes show, then you have to re-do the test.

After doing the pregnancy test enjoy the result if it’s positive or negative. God knows your own good, so accept it and love it no matter what. 

Share it with your partner or friends in a joyful and creative way! Believe me, be creative as much as you can.

If the result is positive, be prepared to begin the pregnancy journey, it will be long but beautifully tiring. 

First things first, relax, take a deep breath, and smile.

pregnancy trimesters

One of the Hardest Pregnancy Trimesters: Trimester #One

Enjoyed the result? Pay for the fun by being patient during those 3 months! I call this trimester the hardest because it is the beginning of the “Placenta” development.

The Placenta is a piece of meat that grows inside your uterus. Through it, the fetus takes all nutrients and oxygen needed.

First Trimester Expectations

Common symptoms you may experience in the first 3 months of the pregnancy trimesters.:

  • Sleepy eyes: You will notice that your eyes look sleepy even when you don’t feel sleepy. I don’t know why, but I’ve seen a couple of women having this symptom.
  • Nausea: You won’t be able to eat everything in these 3 months. You will hate the cigarette smell for sure. If you used to drink coffee, you will hate that too even though you were addicted to it. Nausea is an awful symptom, you will hate getting pregnant because of it. But again, be patient and wait till the first trimester ends. Some women love specific kinds of food, and others like me, hate it all.
  • Mood swings: You will be crying because the butterfly got stuck in the window, and you will be laughing out of nowhere about the silliest stuff too.
  • Sore breasts: You will start feeling that your breasts are hardening and getting bigger, but they will get bigger throughout the days more and more. Small breast woman, I advise you to enjoy the large ones while they grow!
  • Exhaustion: Most of the time, you will feel tired and in need of sleep. Listen to your body and do so, this means that the fetus and the placenta are growing which takes from your energy.
  • Dog Sniff: Yes, you smell the rat’s feet from 24-kilo meters long. Your smelling sense increases, this is bad because it makes you more nauseous.

Dealing With The First Trimester Symptoms

There are no ways to make the symptoms disappear, but there are some ways to make them less.

  • Ask your doctor for medication: Feeling nauseous will hit hard, so ask your doctor for a medicine to make it less. I took a medicine through the three months of the first trimester, but nausea didn’t disappear, it only got less by 20%. Another way to reduce nausea is to chew a piece of gum constantly, this works fine.
  • Eat ready-made meals: Ask someone to cook for you without watching them, and you will definitely eat.
  • Don’t force yourself to eat: If you don’t feel like eating, it is okay, don’t disturb yourself about that. I know a woman who couldn’t eat or drink water for 4 days, she ended up in the hospital. But she is alive and she has a beautiful and healthy baby now. What I am trying to tell you here is that this phase will pass, and nothing dangerous will happen, as long as you can eat anything, even a piece of bread it is okay. Remember to always check in with your doctor when things like this happen and they will guide you well. I once forced myself to eat, I ended up crying and throwing up. Not a welcoming feeling AT ALL!
  • Be active when you can: Don’t sit there doing anything you will be bored and depressed. Especially since your hormones are going up and down. Create something new and stay busy.
  • Meditate: By meditating I mean go out and smell some fresh air and don’t think about anything. Clear your mind at least for 5 minutes or more if you can.
  • Get a new haircut: Cutting your hair in the first trimester will be a mood boost. Your hair will grow throughout the pregnancy trimesters because of the hormones. So don’t worry, just do it and you’ll feel good about it. No regrets 🙂
  • Enjoy it while you can: This phase will definitely pass, always remember to enjoy the moments even when they are hard to deal with. The first trimester days will not come back unless you get pregnant again, so enjoy them and be grateful for the developing fetus in your tummy. You can blame your partner because he did this to you.  

One of The Best Pregnancy Trimesters: Trimester #Two

During the second trimester, you will experience the pregnancy which you watch in movies and that you dream of. Pain, nausea, exhaustion, they all disappear. These are literally the best 3 months you will go through during your pregnancy journey.

Second Trimester Expectations

  • First things first, the KICKS! After waiting so long to feel your baby inside of you, it’s time. Once you feel the kicks, you will forget the bad experience you went through during the first trimester.
  • The second best thing for me is the food: You now can eat and drink without feeling nauseous. Once the first trimester ended, I felt so happy that I could eat whatever I can. I started eating different kinds of food to let my baby enjoy them when she’s born.
  • The bump and some weight: Your cute little bump will start showing, remember to take a picture each week or so to see the progress. You will also gain some weight due to the growing baby and the food you’re eating. It is fine, do not think about it much, just enjoy the meals.
  • Heartburn: Due to the pressing baby on your organs, you will face constant heartburn which is definitely a pain in the ass. It will disappear when you give birth. 
  • Face glam: You will notice that you are shining with beauty. You become more beautiful during the second pregnancy trimesters because of the hormones. They will boost your hair growth, shiny skin, and tall nails.

What Should You Do in The Second Trimester?

Take the chance to do what you didn’t in the first trimester. In the second trimester, you will experience the real feeling of a pregnant woman. Here are some tips to get you through this trimester.

  • Eat different kinds of food: As much as you eat, as much as you give your baby healthy nutrients. By eating different kinds of meals, you will avoid transmitting allergies to your little one later on. Moreover, eating healthy will help your body throughout labor. When your body is healthy, your labor will be easy.
  • Pregnancy workout: One of the things that really helped me get through labor easily and maintain my body is a workout routine. I bought a birthing ball which really helped me to get the baby in the right position inside my uterus. I also bought two dumbbells for my chest workout for breastfeeding and carrying the baby later on. However, dancing also helped me so much to stay fit during my pregnancy.
  • Talk with your baby and listen to music: Your baby can feel everything happening around them just like you do. Your baby also loves your voice, so why not sing to them and enjoy their kicks! 
  • Pregnancy Body shopping: As your bump will start to show, you have to get a couple of outfits to be comfortable when you go out. I had one maternity sweatpants, two maternity jeans, and seven maternity shirts. Believe me, being comfortable is all you need to be happily out of the house. It helps with the peeing frequently symptom and growing bump.
  • Prepare your lists: Before going into your third trimester, you have to have the lists you need to buy for you and your baby when they are born. Start researching and reading what are the essential stuff you need after giving birth. Beware of buying many things, but only the essentials, you don’t want to end up spending money on things that will stay aside at home. In addition, a list of the birthing plan you need will also help you understand what will go on when you start labor.

One of The Longest Pregnancy Trimesters: Trimester #Three

You may not feel that this trimester is long, but from my point of view, it is. I called it the longest because I was so eager to finish my pregnancy due to the symptoms of these three months. You will feel as if you are a big water ball walking around. Lets’s go to the expectations to know what I mean by that.

Third Trimester Expectations

  • More peeing: Due to the baby’s weight, they will be pressing on your urinal. Even when you don’t drink a sip of water, you will pee short pees. You will also experience the feeling of you wanting to pee, but when you go there, there is nothing. You may even pee every three minutes.
  • Sleepless nights: Your bump is big now and pressing on your chest, you may find it hard to breathe. Two, frequent peeing at night. Three, the heartburn will kick at night more. Last but not least, your brain will not help you go to sleep because of the hormones and the overthinking.
  • Exhaustion: Due to your weight and the baby’s weight, you will start to feel tired and in need of rest.
  • Less baby kicks: Your baby is now in the size of a melon, they will not find enough space in your uterus to kick and play there. You will feel your belly moving altogether at this stage. Don’t freak out if your baby moved only once or twice a day, this is normal.
  • Milky breasts: Start buying some breast pads from the pharmacy because your baby is calling for milk, and your breasts will hear them. They will start leaking a little bit, this is also normal.
  • Hunger: Sometimes, you’ll wake up at night to eat anything. Your baby is getting more of your body’s nutrients, so your body will ask for more.

What Should You Do During The Third Trimester

The last three months of pregnancy will be filled with joy and exhaustion. You’ll be happy that you will finally meet your little one. You will start feeling that you miss her so much. Thoughts of rushing will go through your mind. My tip here is to enjoy those three months even though you will be tired. The more the baby is in your womb, the more he is a healthy and energetic baby. In addition to thoughts, many things you must do during those three months but not many too!

  • Walk every day for 30 minutes:  Walking will help your cervix to soften and it will be easy for you to go into labor. Giving birth will be easy and fast.
  • Eat Dates: Dates help with the cervix too! Eat 6 to 7 dates daily.
  • Make love with your partner: Penetration inside of you will help soften the cervix so much, which makes giving birth easy and fast.
  • Practice Breathing: Breathing through your belly is helpful during labor. Inhale for 6 seconds and exhale for 10 seconds. This is the right technique that I used during labor. Your doctor will ask you to breathe during labor and when you give birth. Breathing will transmit oxygen to your baby while being born. When you practice breathing for three months, it will become a habit. You will then have a less stressful and less painful birth.
  • Go shopping: It is time to buy those lists which you prepared in your second trimester. Baby clothes, baby needs, and postpartum needs. Always remember, the essentials only!
  • Rest as much as you can: Resting will prepare your body for labor. You can check the

    Giving Birth Naturally in 2022: A Real Extraordinary Feeling

     a blog to know how is your body going to respond while giving birth.
  • Pamper Yourself: Go and make a full body wax, body scrub, body massage, do your nails, and make your hair look nice. This will boost your mood and will also make you relax. In addition, after giving birth, you will not have the time to do all of these, so be prepared well.

When you have a healthy pregnancy, expect to give birth during your last week which is week number 40. Personally, I went into active labor on my last day of pregnancy and gave birth in 3 hours to my first baby. Thank God for this result, the doctor said it was perfect. I had a 100% natural birth without any medications. It was a wonderful and most beautiful painful experience. 

One of The Hidden Pregnancy Trimesters: Trimester #Four

You will go through this trimester with your baby in your hands. Three months for the baby to get used to the outside world. This trimester will include the postpartum phase and the newborn phase. It is the introduction of the baby to the environment around her. I will be posting a new blog about the fourth trimester as soon as I have time. My little one is taking all of it!

This blog is based on my own experience and research.

Remember to add information if I missed any in the comment section, and your questions if you have any too! I would be flattered to read your opinion and comments. Share this article with your loved ones who are getting pregnant or on the way to this beautiful journey to let them benefit from my experience.

pregnancy trimesters

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