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How Can You Enjoy Your Life?

Many people wonder how they can enjoy their lives. It is so simple to enjoy your life because it is already simple. You just have to have a simple mindset and a healthy positive one.

Life is like riding a car on the highway and suddenly a bump comes in. But you are already driving the car to your adventure. This adventure is to get to your target. Let’s say you are going to visit someone you love. If this bump comes in, would you stop the car and just stare at it? Would you not continue your journey?

That is wrong! I guess if you truly love this someone you will continue your journey. This bump will not ruin your car; it will just slow you down a little bit. If you start thinking about this bump, you will lose your way to your loved one because you’re not in focus.

This example is so similar to our lives. We live our life day by day, remembering only the past which is just past. It already happened, so why should we think about it and let it control our journey?

My point here is that it is essential to have these bumps in your life. But you have to be smart and not think about them. You just have to enjoy the other details which make you love and enjoy every second in your life. You must only focus on these moments, and just try to learn from the negative ones.

There are four essential steps to enjoy your life to its fullest. These steps will also help you focus on your goals, and on your way to your success. Believe me, I discovered them during my life journey.

Your Adventure's Kit:

Life is an adventure. When you go on an adventure you must wear comfy clothes, have food, water, and your positive energy.

The comfy clothes are the things you love to do. When you do things you love you will feel comfortable, satisfied and happy with your life.

Your food is your time, you must have three meals at least a day. You must always wait for the right time to do things in order to be organized and healthy.

The water is for hydration and refresh. Water will keep you focused on you goals and your targets in your daily life.

Mainly of all is the positive energy you have for your adventure. Positive thinking allow you to not only spread positive vibes, but also to be a positive person towards any situation happens with you in your life.

Do Things You Love

Life Love

Things you love are about you only. They have to give you a type of satisfaction when doing them.

First, you have to write a list on a piece of paper for the stuff you love doing. Then gather these things and put them on a monthly calendar. Each day do something you love. Keep a track of this calendar until it becomes a habit.

Now the benefits of this are so exciting. First, you boost your happiness. Second you will achieve these mini goals you set for refreshing your day. It will later be a habit of accomplishing goals. In other words, you will enjoy your life in your own way.

Trust Time

trust life time

Life is a cycle of time. Everything we do is based on time. Anything happens for a reason, so it happens in a specific time.

A person who is organized will be successful. You may think sometimes that this person is not organized and he/she doesn’t do things according to time. Well this person is organized in his/her own way and that’s why he’s successful.

Organizing things isn’t based on specific rules. You may be organized in your own way.

We organize things just like we organize our day. For example, I have work at 3:00 pm today. In my day, I should have 3 meals. I will wake up at 9:00 am for example, have a meal. Then I will do something I love based on my calendar. After that, I will prepare my meal for lunch to have it at work. After finishing my shift at 12:00 am I will go home have a shower, read something, eat a mini sandwich and go to bed.

This is an example of an organized day. See, it is so simple. I did not plan it, it planned itself. I just followed a healthy rule which is to eat 3 meals a day. Everything is based on the time cycle of life which is a set of healthy rules.

In this way you are creating your own life time cycle. You will know how to manage your time without even thinking. Moreover, it will become a habit. So you will be on the right track to accomplish your goal, be successful, and happy. 

Stay Focused

Stay focused on life

After you organize your life, you have to stay focused on the organization you created. This phase is easy if you followed your plan which you had organized lately. To focus on something is to put your energy in it. So you have to focus also on your positive energy and health.

To be always focused you must remind your self every day that you can do it. You can achieve your goal because it only needs time. The rest of things are related to your mindset.

Keep track of your daily mini goals. Set a mini goal each day even if you think it is silly.

For example, tomorrow I have to finish writing an article about a healthy meal. Well, I work in a super market; this will help me focus more on healthy recipes. I start collecting ideas and writing them on a piece of paper. These ideas may be head points for the article I want to write.

Simply, in this way I just focused on my mini goal which I will accomplish in the next day.

Practice focusing on stuff to make it become a habit in order to accomplish your goals easily and without distractions. It’s like refreshing your days to stay focused on your goal.

Think Positively

think positively

Thinking in a positive way allows you to view your day as if it’s a passing simple wave. Your day will be so smooth and delicate. You will erase stress from your dictionary and have relaxation instead.

To think in a positive way is to eliminate every bad thought comes into your mind. A very simple example, you’re at work, you tell your co-worker friend something funny  about his shirt. Suddenly he tells you something really rude. You will be offended somehow. At the same time only think from his point of view. Look at his eyes, here you can tell his feelings.

What you did back there is a positive reaction. You are unselfish, you thought of your friend who maybe having a bad day and not in the mood for jokes.

Try this in every situation happens with you, even if it’s a negative one. Only view the good side, and remember what makes you happy. Remember positive moments similar to the one happened to you now.

Positive thinking needs a few days of practicing. Try practicing it in every time you think of something. Like if you saw your ex-mate, only remember that one day he/she made you happy. Remember your happiness in any situation. Eventually, back then you weren’t the same person you are now. See, it is easy to think in a positive way. Practice it and make it a habit.

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