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Giving Birth Naturally in 2022: A Real Extraordinary Feeling

Giving Birth Naturally: #1 The Feeling

Giving birth naturally is an extraordinary feeling that differs from one woman to another. It is indescribable, but I will try to elaborate as much as I can, based on my experience.

A woman’s body is created to give birth, anyone who tells you that it is hard and you can’t do it, tell them that you were born to give birth naturally.

However, it all starts when your pregnancy test shows a positive result. Mentally, your body will start preparing itself for delivery.

When you sit there waiting for your cervix to dilate from 3 cm to 7 cm, patience will be there. You’ll be thinking about your little one. You will say to yourself that I will go through this extra painful process because I want to hold my baby in my hands.

You will not be thinking about the pain itself. Giving birth naturally means that you won’t take any epidural or sedatives to relieve the pain. You will only have your mentality and the breathing technique you practiced in your late pregnancy.

In addition, it is fascinating to experience how fast the pain will go the second the baby comes out of you.

I created this blog post to spread awareness about giving birth naturally, and to say that it is not frightening as old women make it seem. God created every part of a woman to give birth naturally.

So why be scared of something you were born to do? Read till the end to enjoy acknowledging this amazing experience.

Giving Birth Naturally: #2 The Process

Preparing for Labor and Giving Birth Naturally

  1. Meditation: Clearing your mind every time and then during pregnancy will help your brain have positive thoughts stuck in.
  2. Let Go of Fear: To kill fear, you have to go through the process. The fear of giving birth is an elusion. Your body is created to give birth naturally. Your uterus, cervix, vagina, and breasts, everything is prepared naturally for delivery. So why are you scared, dear?
  3. Use Hypnobirthing Technique: Hypnobirthing is very effective. I didn’t use it because I didn’t know about it until my mid-pregnancy. However, it is a set of sessions that prepare your mentality to manage the pain of labor and giving birth.
  4. Be Confident: Trust your body, trust your brain, and trust your soul. What I mean by that is know that your body is made to give birth. Your brain is already giving orders to your body by hormones. When you have confidence in your soul, you’ll become stronger than you are.
  5. Have Patience: Practice patience while you’re pregnant. Yes it is a bit hard to be patient while pregnant, but take the chance to make patience a habit. This will help you to endure the labor pain.

1) What Happens During Labor?

Some women start their labor phase early in their 38 weeks until the day they deliver. Others, like me, start labor and have their baby on the same day. It differs from one woman to another.

The labor feeling is also indescribable. It starts as if someone huge is punching you in your uterus. You have to call your doctor in the following cases:

  • Your water broke.
  • The labor pain is 4 minutes away between each punch.
  • You saw your bloody mucus plug.

In some cases, the pain will go around 9 to 14 hours. This is long labor, it depends on the dilation of the cervix. I dilated to 10 cm in 3 hours for my first baby. It was fast labor and delivery. I will talk about my experience at the end of this article.

This is a brief explanation about labor, if you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them in the comments section.

2) What Happens on Giving Birth Day?

You will not know when are you giving birth until it happens. Always be prepared 4 weeks before your due date. The due date is not accurate. The monitor showed that I would deliver my baby on the 3rd of May, but I gave birth on the 6th of May.

You would deliver any time in the last two weeks of your last trimester in the case of natural carrying.

After my doctor told me to go to the hospital, I took a breath and started the “be patient” mode.

First, you have to stay calm. Next, wear something comfortable to strip at the hospital because you will be in pain if your active labor has started.

Third, grab your mama’s hospital bag and the baby’s and head to the car. 

When you arrive at the hospital, the nurse will give you the things patients wear. Next, they will start their checkups.

Then you will wait for your cervix to dilate to 7 cm and you give birth. I will talk more details about my experience down because I don’t know what other women experience.

Giving Birth Naturally: #3 A Real Experience - Mine

My birth experience was fast and easy because I abided by these tips.

I gave birth to the beautiful Angelina on Friday, May 06, 2022, at 7:03 am. I didn’t know how long is my labor going to take time. I even didn’t think about the time only when I sat on the hospital bed and went into active labor.

However, my due delivery date was on 6th May, but one of the doctors told me that I would give birth earlier. Truly, I expected to give birth earlier due to the walks I did, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

I gave birth on the last day of my 40 weeks of pregnancy. I was a rotten banana that needed to be peeled. On Thursday, May 05, I walked for 1 hour and a half. Earlier that week, I walked every day for 4o to 60 minutes too. I ate a lot of dates (1 kg).

At dawn on Friday at 4:00 am I was sleeping peacefully, suddenly I felt like someone hit me in my guts. I woke up from the pain. It then ended quickly. I continued my sleep and said that it was nothing. After 5 minutes I felt it again. I shouted to my husband while I was going out of bed to tell him that I think I am going into labor. Here when my water broke. Then I was sure I started active labor. I watched time, 4 other minutes, I felt the pain again. We called the doctor and told him what happened. My doctor told me that my water broke, and I can go to the hospital within 2 hours or now. 

I put on comfortable clothes and a slipper. My hospital bag and Angelina’s bag were ready. My husband called the taxi and he was here within 5 minutes.

While I was preparing to leave, I felt pain every 4 minutes and I stayed calm. However, I figured out after half an hour that the pain which I was feeling at home was little pain in front of the pain I started feeling when we arrived at the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital, I quickly changed my clothes with the help of my mom and the nurse. Due to the extended pain, I wasn’t able to change my clothes alone.

However, one nurse assisted me during the active labor phase. I thanked God later because she was so sweet and did a perfect job. 

She asked me to walk some steps to fasten the process. I told her that I couldn’t due to the pain I was having. She told me it is essential to try and that nothing bad is going to happen. She said that I was only feeling pain so it is fine to walk.

I hugged my husband and walked a few steps while breathing, then I felt that I need to go to the toilet. The nurse said yes sure it is totally normal! But I was in so much pain to the extinct I needed mom to assist me there.

The toilet experience was a weird one because I was in so much pain and I couldn’t think what was happening. 

After finishing the toilet thing, the nurse told me that if I am not going to walk after that let me lay on the bed to check my dilatation.

She confirmed a 2 cm dilation. After that, real pain started.

I want to tell women who want to go through this process that, the more you poop, the more everything goes faster. Moreover, don’t worry about the nurses, it is not a disgusting thing, but it is a happy moment for them, especially since pooping while giving birth is a very positive thing.

Pooping is a sign of dilation. I dilated from 2 cm to 7 cm within 2 hours. At this phase, I was so tired to open my eyes. I started sleeping between every dilation pain. Yes, I was screaming not because I wanted to scream, but because I needed to scream. In fact, I couldn’t control it. The nurse was standing at my face and reminding me to breathe. Yes, I did so, and it was soothing. Very helpful!

The dilation pain continued for 1 hour and the doctor came to pick up Angelina.

Ow, when I remember the feeling of Angelina coming out of me I feel so happy and emotional. I wouldn’t express the way I felt at that moment by words. It is really an extraordinary feeling!

Giving birth naturally is the best thing a woman could go through. She will feel super strong afterwards. 

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