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A note from my notebook

Chapter 1: Launching Essential Social Media Platforms

Social Media Character
A note from my notebook

As a start, I created the social media theme for Facebook and Instagram since they are linked together.

I thought to myself, it’s better to hit two birds with one stone.

Launching the Social Media Character

Bitmoji Mind Kit social character

Because the word “social” consists of the interaction with people, then it needs a character.

And because “media” is related to visual attention, I created a social character that will represent Mind Kit’s theme tune, hint ideas, and aims.

It is essential to pick a theme that matches your goals. I chose a character using Bitmoji for the social media platforms.

This character will also humanize Mind Kit on social media. Sociability is in the end used by humans. It is all about communication with one another, but in several techniques.

The Social Brain Leak

I had the idea of something I used to use in 2013 and 2014. Snapchat.

Snapchat contained Bitmoji. Ever since I loved characters, I dreamed of having a character in my head, in which I can manage.

The idea was creating a character for my social media platforms. I believed that I will start with Facebook and Instagram. Since they are linked together, it will be easy for me to manage as a start.

Another application got into my mind other than Bitmoji was used by my partner also in 2014. I asked him about it and it was called Zepeto.

Zepeto is a complicated application, but it contained many features, that you wished it was available as a website, just like Facebook. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t use it.

Zepeto is a lazy application. Awfully slow, I deleted it after using it only 1 day. It took me 4 hours to create my Avatar because of its slowness.

The rest of the day was me trying to post something. Again, extremely slow!

I then relied on Bitmoji chrome extension to start working. I loved it.

Design on Canva: Easiest Social Media Tool for Designing

Social Media design
Canva's home page after logging in.

I stepped next on Canva. Canva is a beautiful platform which really facilitates your designing work for every platform you use.

You also can create on Canva your own templates, and much more features.

Since I am not a professional in design, I love it. It really works for people who are not very professional at designing.

The first thing I did, is that I created on Canva a Facebook cover photo for my Mind Kit Facebook page.

I used Bitmoji chrome extension. I started saving the stickers of the needed Bitmoji.

Bitmoji Chrome Extenstion
My Social Media Character using Bitmoji Chrome Extension

I used to remove the background of the sticker I needed.

On Canva, I chose the Facebook Cover template.

A blank page appeared telling me to start filling it. You can use ready templates, but I like using my imagination and the ideas inside my head.

I started with the saved color codes I use for the Mind Kit theme.

I chose the background color, and then I used the picture that is displayed on my website.

The background is finished now.

The font I used is the same font of Mind Kit’s logo, which was also designed on Canva.

The next step was writing the tagline under the title. I then inserted the Bitmoji that is acting as introducing something.

Mind Kit Facebook Page
Mind Kit Facebook Page Designed on Canva

On the other hand, the layout on Instagram will be totally different. But I used the Grid Post Application. In this way I can post Mind Kit’s Cover photo on Instagram.

The pictures I design are all based on readings, exploring, and research.

These three methods are my basic tools to write anything!

The Facebook and Instagram profile is inspired by the tagline listed under Mind Kit title.

“Invest your knowledge within your well-being”. – Myassar Itani

The Facebook and Instagram profile picture is filled with characters that represent the actions of someone knowledgeable.

She is using her knowledge in order to live a healthy well-being life.

Adding the Last Touch For Social Media Platforms

After uploading the Facebook profile and cover pictures, I edited my about.

When you enter any page, the first thing you do after viewing the profile and cover is to read more information to know more about the page.

This is why we have an “About” section on Facebook, which explains the details of the title and the page in general.

I filled all the steps that Facebook required.

The steps include the about, the contact information, and the website if there is any.

Once my Facebook was finished, I invite my friends to like Mind Kit.

In this way, they can click on the invitation and know more about the page. Everything is there!

If they got interested, they will click on the website link to view my writings.

How is Well-being linked with Knowledge and Mind Kit?

Well-being is a general word; it is the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy.

I will be talking about well-being in future posts later on.

As a brief, there are 5 types of well-being.

  • Emotional well-being
  • Physical well-being
  • Social well-being
  • Work place well-being
  • Societal well-being

Well-being can be described as how people feel and how they function on a personal and social level.

Growing your well-being is a long-life pursuit; it helps you in evaluating your life as a whole.

Over thinkers will understand more about evaluating every single event in their life from their own point of view. The only tool needed is knowledge.

Start by knowing more about your interests. Know more about music, know more about the sun, and know more about the rain.

Know more about everything you love. You will notice by time your growth in life.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”. – Anton Chekhov, a Russian playwright and master of the modern short story.

I hope you enjoyed my first post that came after “THE MIND KIT Experience”. The Mind Kit experience is everything done before this published blog.

It was all about learning and doing some trials. I won’t be deleting the old posts, in order to give examples while educating you guys.

If you are reading this right now please leave a comment and subscribe to the newsletter.

Enjoy your life!

Myassar Itani

Lived in Beirut, Lebanon, THIS IS NO BORING, Helped my mother and grandmother at home from age 8 till 24 years. Learned how to cook, clean, raise a baby... Worked at supermarkets from age 16 till 24 years. I will guide you through the experiences I acquired, which I turned into creative ideas. Step by step and in detail, So stay tuned and subscribe!

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