Once Upon a Recipe!

introduction to clueless mind recipes

A clueless little girl I was sitting near my grandmother while she prepared the recipes. Sometimes I helped her with chopping the onions and some other veggies. Unfortunately, she was the type of grandmother who didn’t give her kitchen secrets to her granddaughters.

When I moved with my husband, I was determined to make my kitchen as my grandmother’s.

On the other hand, she loved me and gave me 20% of her tips. Using those tips, I started making my own kitchen rules to make them similar to hers. As a newly married woman, I had no clue sometimes what I was doing in the kitchen. I wondered every day: “What should we have for dinner today? Oh yes! Fajitas is the answer.”

I then start collecting the things I need to make those tasty Fajitas. While preparing, I didn’t recognize that the spices required were unavailable.

Here was my struggle, a missing ingredient every time I needed to prepare a meal.
Instead of going through this scenario every time, I have decided to start organizing my kitchen.

Not Only Recipes!

Clueless mind recipe will include

1. Organize Your Kitchen

Organize your kitchen using Brains’s tips. Now you can have your kitchen inventory lists organized and easy to scan.

Organize your kitchen from A to Z, and you will be a super cook. Everything will become smooth and easy!

Organise with mindkit

2. Easy & Tasty Recipes

This section will feature easy-to-make recipes. Make some tasty one-pot, three ingredients, and fast meal recipes.

Erase your overthinking-in-kitchen method and check these recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and side dishes.

Clueless mind recipes coming soon