About MindKit's Creative World

Know more about Me!

About Mindkit's Creative World

Know more about MindKit that has gone through a lot of changes since 2019.

Be sure that it is okay to take your time while working on your goal. The more time it will take you to accomplish something, the greater the work will be.

An introverted mind started MindKit, who preferred not to post her personal life on social media.

At the same time, her extroverted mind needed to show her talent to the world. Instead, she created MindKit and Brains, the Bitmoji social character.

The introverted artistic individual’s mind is illustrated through MindKit. Brains shows the different moods of the author and her confusion through life. 

“I came up with MindKit because I needed to do something I love.” The author claims. 

MindKit is a combination of writings, drawings, designs, and some life tips.

About the author

About the author at MindKit

They call her a perfectionist due to the organizational skills she has. She loves art because she thinks she is one. Myassar loves everything about life, the bad and the good moments mean to her.

She graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations.

Myassar continued her studies by taking free online courses on Coursera. She completed “Mind Control: Managing your mental health during COVID-19” from the University of Toronto.

She also took project management training with the International Academy for Building Capacity, also known as IABC.

Myassar enjoys high adrenaline activities, such as riding the hugest roller coaster in the world. Another hobby she fancies is cooking some recipes from her imagination.

Why MindKit?

About Mindkit

As we mentioned before, MindKit is the creative world for Brains. They were created to satisfy the designer, the reader, and the writer.

Every time the author designs something related to MindKit, she is showing the world a part of her. Her art!

As for the writing part, it improves her English language. Moreover, writing reduces stress from the author’s daily life. This part is a fact, it is scientifically proven.

The reader will learn, read, and enjoy following MindKit because it is made from love.