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Avoid CoronaVirus and to Stay Safe

6 Ways to Avoid CoronaVirus and to Stay Safe

I don’t know what to call this situation we are in, but what I know is that I am dealing with it just fine. 6 ways to avoid Coronavirus in order to stay safe.

However, in order to deal with any new situation in life is to create a new habit that will suit this situation.

The first thing you have to do is to get out of your bubble, if you aren’t able to, just modify it a little bit.

Like any virus, the coronavirus is just like them, there is no need to overthink it. You just have to deal with it as if you are dealing with the sun.

When you go to the beach, you do not want to get burnt. So you wear sunglasses and you put on some suncream. In order to stay safe from the coronavirus, things must be done too. Here are 6 Ways to avoid CoronaVirus.

Ways to Avoid Coronavirus & Stay Safe:

1. Wash your hands

6 Ways to Avoid CoronaVirus and to Stay Safe 1

Always remember the target you are aiming for which is to stay safe from the coronavirus. However, washing your hands is a normal thing. But sometimes we forget to do it.

Meanwhile, we must not forget to wash our hands whenever there is a sink in front of us. Washing hands will decrease the chance of getting any virus not only coronavirus.

2. Sanitizing Pocket Tool

Avoid Corona virus stay safe

Whenever you’re at work, keep a pocket-sized sanitized hand gel with you. Sometimes you are exposed to too many things that you must hold. Therefore, before drinking or eating you must delete germs from your hands. However, a small hand gel could do it fast if you are in a hustle.

In order to be totally safe and avoid the Coronavirus, you must sanitize your hands always. In the end, hands are essential tools in your body.

3. Wear a medical mask

avoid corona virus to stay safe

Masks may be sometimes disturbing, but only if you know when and how to use them, won’t be anymore.

A medical mask is a three-layered mask. The white layer is the filter, in which when you breathe, non of the bacteria can enter within the air. The green layer doesn’t allow you to spread the virus if you have it. Meanwhile, the middle layer is the separator.

The medical mask you see in the picture expires within three to four hours. Obviously, to wear a mask in the correct way, the green layer is to your mouth. Just like the woman in the above image.

You can also only use the mask in case of people’s traffic. For example when you are at work and lots of people come in, or in a place filled with people, and when you are talking to someone.

A mask also can ban you from touching your face without noticing it. If the virus is on your hands, it will not go inside of your mouth if you are wearing a mask. Stay safe by wearing your medical mask.

4. Have your own food and water

avoid corona virus to stay safe

I know that most of us like to share our food with people we care about, or people we see on the street who may be hungry. Well, in this case, you may give them polluted food.

We have to stay safe from the coronavirus by not sharing our stuff. It is a small simple equation you have to remember in order to stay safe.

5. Vitamins and Vitamin C

avoid corona virus to stay safe

In our daily life, we eat too much stuff which contains many vitamins but we do not realize it. Well, it is time to realize what is the most food that contains vitamin C.

As I read an article on Healthline mentioning what is the stuff that most contains vitamin C. However, vitamins and especially vitamin C increase the immune system’s functioning. In this way, in case you had the coronavirus, your immune system will still fight it.

Stay safe by increasing your immune system’s functioning by eating healthier food. Your immune system is powerful enough to fight the coronavirus. You just have to feed it wisely.

6. Stay Home

ways to avoid coronavirus

Last but not least, stay at home in order to keep yourself and your family safe. Staying at home may be boring, you will feel as if you are in jail only if you think in that way. If you reverse your thinking and say maybe I am at home for a reason. Maybe all these days that I did not spend with my family I am doing it now.

You may discover things about your siblings you did not know before. In other words, it is time to be closer with your siblings and make a better relationship with them.

Try talking to other people who are staying at home, and take from them more ideas to what to do there.

For instance, it is time to start your own mini business at home which you did not expect. Consume your time at home in a positive way and do new stuff. Refer to my blog post how do you enjoy your time”.

Some more precautions worth following on top of the usual ones:
* Take shoes off before entering the home. Keep them in a bag
* Don’t touch house keys indoors
* Change clothes or at least keep jackets by the door
* Leave bags of shopping to one side for as long as possible and/ or sanitize food containers
* Wash hands properly afterward
*Don’t use mobile phones outside unless necessary
*Relax. You’ve done all you can.

Always remember that in order to stay safe you have to keep other people safe also. All you have to do is make these 6 steps habits in your life during this situation. When the Coronavirus ends, you will still have these habits which are also beneficial.

The coronavirus is a new kind of war to our generation. Embrace it and learn from it. Most importantly is to stay safe.

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