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3 Steps to Build a Positive Future Self

A Positive Future Self

I call this blog “A Positive Future Self”. Why are people afraid to start building their future selves? They are afraid of the big “change”. For instance, change is the best thing that might happen to any person.

For those who are afraid of change, you change every day without feeling it. Your feelings, the way you think, and the way you act to change.

If you notice, you are not the same person you were 1 year ago. Even the way you confront someone. You also eliminate some people from your life. Moreover, you start thinking more in a logical way. So there is no reason to be afraid.

In other words, your change is based on your mind. If you build the way you think in a positive way, then you are on the safe side.

Building your future self takes 365 days if you really want positive changes and positive results. But if a person is always afraid to change, s/he will barely notice the results.

Change is a fact, if flowers don’t change, they won’t grow. Exactly similar to any human’s brain.

Inhabiting Positivism

Positivism is an essential rule in all what you are doing. Practicing and repetition help you acquire the habit of thinking in a positive way. I mentioned “How to think in a Positive Way” in the 4th point of my earlier blog post. In order to think in a positive way, you must acquire this habit.

Inhabiting something is called a “goal”. But you must not only focus on the goal itself.

You must always focus on your “identity” which is the reason to become a positive person(goal). In order to focus on your identity, you have to create the “process”. So we have three things here: identity, process, and goal.

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In your everyday life, you are practicing habits without noticing them. For example, you wake up and you do one thing directly after you wake up. Just notice these details by using the “Scanning Life Details Kit”.

Therefore, habits are all over your life. It is something you do without noticing. I read “Atomic Habits” for James Clear. This book really updated me on things I do without noticing. It also taught me how to deal with good habits and bad ones.

I started realizing things I did not realize before. However, I developed my habits and made them beneficial to anything I do. To have positive results in the future you must work on these small habits.

If you are interested in knowing more about “How do we deal with Habits” this 4-minute reading: “The Summary of Atomic Habits”

The Future Self Kit

Thinking about who are you in the future may be a tough decision. The word “future” means your upcoming 60 years or more. No one could predict what happens in the future.

But many successful people plan their future life. Planning your future life is big and it needs a special kit.

Time Management

To manage your time is to have a small agenda recording in it everything you want to do in the next day according to time.

positive self change

This image is an example of the daily tasks you want to do throughout your day. Every night you finish a day, just open your agenda and write your next day. The date is to remind you which day of the week is it in order to know what do have to do every week.

Let’s say on Mondays you have to read. On Tuesdays, you’ll cook a healthy meal. Every day you do something you love in order to not get bored.

However, when you do accomplish them you will have the feeling of satisfaction. Which will boost your mood into a positive one. In other words, you are accomplishing small things. These things can prepare you to accomplish the most important things you are setting for your future life.

You might not accomplish all the tasks on your list. Even if you didn’t, do not quit the writing. Practice writing in your agenda every day makes it a habit like brushing your teeth every morning. You will do it without noticing. It will become a habit.

This habit of time management always works to plan your future life. Of course, you can add whatever you want to do to it. It is a to-do list, a habit list, and a task list. You will have a feeling to stay consistent with what you are doing.

Budget Management

You must have a spending rule according to your income. Mine is the 40/30/30 rule. My friend studied Banking and Finance. She once told me about this rule and I have been abiding by it since then.

It is so beneficial to the limit that I am saving a lot of money each month. At the same time I am buying whatever I want and I am exploring life with the least money I have. Try it if you don’t have one. It’s simple and easy to inhabit.

positive self change

First, you write down your net income in one month. Next, you’ll write down 3 sections (1) essentials, (2) fun time -you can call it whatever you want- (3) savings.

40% of your income will go to the essential stuff you “need” in 1 month. 

30% of your income will go to the things you “want”.

The last section is the savings, which will have also 30% of your income in 1 month. It is the most important category because you will not touch this money. However, it will be enough for you to spend from the needs and the wants sections.

Maybe you will not use them all, so they will go to your next month’s account. You may put it in savings or in needs or in wants.

When 3 months pass by, you will notice that you are having more money every month you are abiding by the rule you set for budget management. This will boost your brain to increase the ideas of enhancing your future self. It will motivate you to have the best version of yourself.

Future Self Management

Every person has different principles, personalities, and knowledge. These three are discovered through time in any person’s life.

Anyone will discover that s/he have their own principles which are their family’s. The more you grow, the more you realize things.

Personality is built also through time. Any individual builds their personality according to the way they are living their life. Moreover, personality differs also due to family genes.

Knowledge is also based on time. The more years you spend living knowing something new each day, the more you build knowledge walls in you brain.

positive self change

You acquire and use your principles in any small life event. If you write your principles on a piece of paper they won’t be written. You will not know how to explain them.

In other words, principles are acquired since birth, you only have to manage them by thinking in any situation about the differences in what people do and what you do.

The focus is always on “you” because you want to build your future self.

Moreover, enhance your personality by viewing your strengths and weaknesses. Write them on a piece of paper, check if you can use your personality strengths in any daily situation. For the weaknesses, try solving them by practicing what suits solving any human’s weaknesses.

Last but not least, manage your studies. Start studying every day at least about anything you don’t know. It is so easy to click on google and search for anything you need.

So we conclude that you must not be afraid of anything. Even of change because it’s the best thing that might happen to a human being. However inhabiting positivism helps you achieve positive self-change in order to know your future self better.

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