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3 Extraordinary Facts about COVID-19 You DO NOT Want to Experience

COVID-19 affects 3 parts of a human’s world. You would not expect what parts I am talking about unless you experience the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19’s effects and results are astonishing facts.

We are being affected physically, financially and psychologically. The psychological part is a vast place to go to because it is the COVID-19 main target.

You start thinking very negatively after 3 days of being diagnosed with COVID-19. “Have I lost my life? Will my life end soon?” 

Questions that you’d ask yourself when you are sitting alone in your room quarantined, having no income, and your chest starts blocking your breathing.

What will you feel when diagnosed with COVID-19?

ONE: Physical Symptoms

COVID-19 Headache

You are sitting with a group of friends laughing and having a good time. Suddenly your head starts aching and you feel like your body is getting too hot.

If you have a very good immune system, you’ll start sweating too much. Here is when you’ll feel that you can’t breathe anymore.

The type of headache you’ll get is a “tension” headache.

The type of hotness is the fever part, where you’re immune system starts fighting it and eventually you’ll end up sweating too much.

That feeling you experience when you really can’t breathe anymore, the feeling of Elizabeth Swann from “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie when she’s wearing her corset and she says: “I can’t breathe.”

But in your case, you are just wearing the COVID-19.

1) Breathing as in Suffocating...

Breathing is a symptom that would last from your first day of experiencing COVID-19 until your last day.

It varies according to your biological figure; some people experience it through only a few days from their COVID-19 time. Every person experiences it differently.

In the day that you are finding it hard to breathe, you will start walking around your room and talking to yourself about what should you do in this case.

You will really experience confusion, which is also a psychological problem caused by COVID-19.

2) Exhaustion, believe me not the normal tiredness!

You will feel as if you are not able to do anything. You just need to lay down on your bed, sleep. But you are not able to sleep.

The bottle of water is near you, but you don’t feel the energy to get it and drink.

You will also feel as if you have been running for half an hour now and you are so tired. Your legs are aching and you just lay down on your bed where you don’t want to get up.

Anyhow, you’ll feel drained from energy. As if your battery is too low and you can’t function anymore.

But your exhaustion will not last, it may occur sometimes in days and not always.

3) Say Goodbye to your Nose!

I am really sorry for telling you this but; your smelling and tasting senses will vanish. And you will feel that they are not going to get back. As if they migrated somewhere really far.

Your senses will vanish all of the COVID-19 time. Except for the first two to three days, eventually, they will disappear.

The smelling and tasting senses are the main factors of the COVID-19 virus.

You will not feel if your stomach is full or empty when you eat. You will face days when you are really hungry, and others where you are not hungry at all.

When you are really hungry, you will talk to yourself and say: “If I eat right now, I will not feel the taste of it, so it doesn’t matter what I will eat”.

Then you will eat, and you will feel that your stomach is full. After 5 minutes from when you stopped eating, you will feel hungry again.

I can’t explain it to you but I’ll try my best.

On normal days, you have an appetite; your appetite can tell you if your stomach is already full or not full yet.

On the COVID-19 days, there is no appetite because you can’t taste anything. So your body will ask for food, but your body is missing a factor here which is the lack of appetite because you can’t taste.

I hope you realized the feeling, this happens because you spend many days without these two senses.

TWO: Financial Problems

Financial Problems in COVID-19

If you are someone who has lots of money, you must read this part of the blog. And if you are a working type of person you also should read it.

However, I will start explaining.

1) Suppliments Shopping - The S.S.

You used to work 8hrs/days and 1 day off a week, well now you are off for the rest of the COVID-19’s days. Do not get too excited here. You will be running out of money due to the spending that you’ll do while sitting at home.

The 8 hours that you used to not spend money during, or spent a little are now doubled.

First, you are sitting at home 24 hours, you will need many stuff to buy in order to be entertained. Like food, groceries, online books, online clothes maybe.

The online world is opened to you now; many advertisements will pop into your face.

With you sitting there and having nothing to do, your mind will unconsciously tell you to start buying stuff.

Next, you will spend money on medication. You may say it is not much, but believe me it makes a big difference, and when you continue reading you will realize.

2) No Income, to Some

You now spent all of your salaries. Remember, your next month’s salary isn’t as always. Some of it will be removed because of the 15 or 20 or maybe 30 days you weren’t able to attend work.

So the month after the COVID-19 month doesn’t contain a normal budget. In this case, you are out of money. Your financial plan is ruined due to COVID-19.

3) An Economical Theory

This section is not based on online research, but on my own observation.

If you had noticed that many sectors had stopped working due to the spread of COVID-19.

This means that many people are not working, and many people are out of money sitting at their homes.

This is a really sad situation for humans.

For those people who have lots of money, it is time for you to save the world, or else you could be the same as the people who lost their jobs.

How is COVID-19 getting into our heads?

COVID-19 is targeting the pure mentality of humans.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or not, then you will be experiencing the fear of getting sick. You are on the edge of an economic fragility.

This will affect the way your mind perceives things around you. You may be diagnosed with anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness. Of course, this perception is according to several factors such as:

– Sociodemographic factors

– Current/past medical history

– Psychological/social factors

– Job related factors

Different symptoms may affect different types of people due to their lifestyle or medical history or psychological and social status.

There had been an increase in these psychological problems within the general public since the spread of COVID-19:

  • Symptoms of depression
  • Stress and loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion

THREE: Psychological Problems

1) Depression Mode ON

On your first day, you will say that it’s okay I can sit 15 days at home, and then they will end, and I will get back to my life normally.

Well saying this is easier than having it done.

On the third day of your quarantine, the depression starts. Why?

Well the first point is that you are sitting in your room, and only your room. In which everyone else at home is treating you as if you are a human virus.

The second thing that would make you depressed is social media. However, you are viewing your friends’ stories. You can see that they are doing everything you want to do but you can’t do.

Your mind unconsciously will confirm that you are a virus. This is not something so positive to think of yourself.

2) Mr. & Mrs. Lonely

You will feel so lonely because you are sitting alone all the time and you are not interacting with the outside world.

Any human being needs other human beings to interact with. Sitting a long time alone will make you think that you are some kind of a stranger from society.

So you will love isolation more and more, but you will hate it too because nothing around you is positive.

3) Anxiety Says Hello

If you have a past with anxiety, COVID-19 will take you back to it somehow.

You will be worried about everything in your life. Like what will happen now? What will happen later? Where are we going?

After your quarantine is over, you might face difficulties talking to people. Another case scenario is that you will talk too much.

Anxiety will occur because of the distance between you and society.

You will stay in a period of time where you are not taking action about anything you think of. So this could make you worried about everything that you will face after finishing your quarantine.

4) This or That?

Due to the anxiety problem, you will face confusion.

Studies show that COVID-19 attacks brain cells. I am not a neurologist, but as I read in this article

and I experienced it myself, confusion really happens through the smallest details in your life.

For example, you are holding two objects, a bottle of water and tissue paper. You need to throw the tissue paper inside the garbage basket; instead, you throw the water bottle.

Then you will realize after 1 second that you threw the water bottle and you will be drinking the tissue paper. This is really the funniest type of confusion that you would face during your quarantine.

Confusion may not occur in all cases of COVID-19. 

How to deal with COVID-19 symptoms?

1) A Grade Five Biology Lesson

Start inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly.

In this way, you will get your lungs exercising allowing Oxygen to get in and Carbon dioxide to get out.

Boil some cloves and mint in a pot and inhale them deeply and slowly.

Put 1 tablespoon of cloves, 1 tablespoon of dried mint, and 1 liter of water inside a pot. Let them boil together covered, then turn off the heat and remove the cover.

Get a towel to put over your head when you are inhaling the steam.

Cloves and mint are two natural ingredients that will sterilize your lungs and get rid of all possible inflammations.

2) Gummies and stuff

Eat something like minted gum.

Eating such a thing would really help, you would feel that your lungs are opening and you are breathing easily.

DO NOT exercise when you are feeling a shortage in breathing; believe me, it will make it worse.

3) Exhaustion Remedies

When feeling exhausted, just lay on your bed and do nothing.

You can watch Netflix or movies to let the time pass faster.

4) Immunity Boosters

Take your medications. You can take your Vitamin C and a pain killer in the case of exhaustion it really helps.

5) Go Healthy

Eat only healthy food, and have a break from fast food.

The benefits of lacking your senses are nice though. You can now measure the amount of food you eat, let’s say an example of a 200g meal. If you eat this amount of food every day, your stomach will get used to this portion.

However, try eating healthier foods to benefit more from the vitamins in them. Even if you don’t like fish, for example, eat it, you will not feel the taste or the smell of it.

6) Good Will & Selflessness

Try not to spend your money on your wants, this is not a vacation. Buy only what you really need. Even though you want to be entertained, remember it is a want, and you can entertain yourself with other things without spending money.

If you have a fortune, start donating to NGOs and to families who could really need the money.

7) Mindfulness Stage

  • Remind yourself that this is only a short phase and you’ll get through it. Your life won’t end and everything will get back to normal. Wake up every day and say this 3 times.
  • Try watching and reading stuff that would connect you to the outside world.
  • Talk every day with a friend, a stranger, or a quarantined friend or stranger. In this way, you are socializing.
  • Listen to some music and make your own party at home.
  • Connect with your inner-self by practicing some meditation, prayers, and any kind of practice that would make you relieved.
  • Play some mind games, you could find many applications related to brain practices.
  • Exercise in a way that would not exhaust you. You can simply stretch, or do some yoga.

Last but not least check out “how to spend time at home during COVID-19″.

A Simple Theory About COVID-19

Don’t you think sometimes that whoever invented the COVID-19, is targeting our “physical social” life?


Well by applying the social distancing everywhere, we will be using the online strategies more for different stuff.

Meetings, schools, shopping, and every method that requires physical contact with other people is now held online.

This means that our world is transforming into an online world. Even the currencies in less than 10 years will become held online, that’s why cryptocurrencies are available now.

They are guiding us in an indirect way to start a new online world.

In this way, the economy of every country will rise more.

I have been through COVID-19

This is a short story about me getting through COVID-19. How did I think? What did I go through? How did I overcome it?

In the field I work in, we have always worn anti-COVID-19 suits and of course mask and gloves. We were being protected from COVID-19 since it was starting till now.

But what happened is that my mother had been diagnosed with COVID-19, and my siblings and I live with her. As soon as we knew, we all went and had a PCR test.

The PCR results were positive for me, my sister, and my father.

What we did is we got the medications that were prescribed by the doctor. We bought juices rich in Vitamin C, and we cooked food that would boost our immune system and that are rich in vitamins.

At this time, my sister, mom, and I stayed in our room and had a toilet only for us. As we went to the kitchen, we always wore our masks and gloves.

We sprayed every detail with a bacteria killer and water then wiped it with tissue papers, in order to not spread the virus and get our siblings infected.

However my two brothers stayed in their room and didn’t get out.

So basically we were locked up in our rooms, and we didn’t go outside the house for 20 days.

At that time, I learned about COVID-19 more. I would like to tell you that it is not something scary, unless there are elders living with you at home. Elders immune systems may be weak, that’s why COVID-19 is dangerous in their case.

All you have to do is to lock yourself up in your room, think in a positive way, and enjoy the moment.

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