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The Creative Character Mindkit with her creative mind

An introvert recently discovered that her mind is a creative fellow, and she perceives the world as artistic.

She views her world as a cartoon show and puts life in her job, food, and the people around her.

MindKit explains its artistic world which is branched into two categories. Positive creations and clueless mind recipes.

The character’s name is Brains and she is a Bitmoji character. Brains express the mood of the author, her work, and her artistic mind.

Buckle up and start enjoying the art you will see through the pictures designed mainly on Canva using the Bitmoji character, Brains.

Brains Creation

Learn Now ! The 2 Main Steps for Creating Your Social Character

Well! Think, read, and write are the tools that created Brains. The steps are different.
Creating your social character will help you show your reactions more, especially nowadays. Since we live mainly online, showing how you feel to the behind-the-screen person is essential.

Meet the creative Mind


Erase your overthinking-in-kitchen method and check the easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and side dishes. Moreover, organize your kitchen from A to Z, and you will be a super cook. Everything will become smooth and easy. Clueless is not only that, but it is also for taking the easy way too!



You can press the “Know More” button to check out the designs and headlines. Enjoy and don’t forget to help in launching faster buy dropping your tips in the comments section!

Positive Creations are composed of Tips to HELP YOU organize your time, space, and life

If you are a single soldier, a newly married couple, or a messy housewife who doesn’t have enough time, then this category is for you! If you are an over-thinker, a curious reader, or a hopeless wanderer, then this category is for you too!

Be creative, be observant, and be whatever you want in this space.

Creative Life tips and positive motivation guide

& a motivation guide from daily motivational quotes that came through our minds to KEEP YOU on the Right Track!

Examine the motivation guide to remember who you are and your purpose. Always remember, a little too much motivation is excellent for your brain.

Threads from motivational and character-building books.

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